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Mr. T hates it when he can't find old NC articles

by Andrew - July 11, 2002

"Where the articles go fool!?" is something you might say if you are Mr. T and a long time fan of NinjaCulture (by the way, if you are Mr. T and reading this, drop me a line) and to be honest, there is really only one answer. The first 15 articles were abducted by huge atomic space monkeys and later were found in the freakin' archives section. Apparently they thought that the mainpage was getting too long.

To prevent this type of thing from ever happening again, every 15 articles or so I'll throw the old ones into the archives for storage. I think it's a pretty simple concept that everyone should comprehend and enjoy.

"Are you tryin' to tell me that this article has no content! I pity the fool that doesn't have content!".

Yeah, that's basically it. You caught us Mr. T. We are definately trying to pass this load off as an article. Well, we're else are we supposed to put it? The non-existant news section? The truth of the matter is, we haven't updated in awhile, and Conrad (he's been pestering us quite alot lately) said he got all confused because he couldn't find all the old articles. Personally, I think that boy is retarded.

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