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Stuff lying around that I couldn't make a whole article out of.

by Andrew - May 9, 2002

First off I'd like to thank The Marked Fool for linking to us. We're very glad, honored and all that shizah to be a 'special friend'. Also, I'd like point your browsers to Midgethorses.com. It's called 'new breed e/n' or something. Check it out!

Now on with it!

Some of you may be wondering what the hell CMF or "Crappah Moovah Fridah" is. You may have even been scared to click some of those CMF Classic links to the side. You probably shouldn't be afraid. Here's the story.

A long time ago (Crica 1998), Nathan and I actually tried to rent good movies. We soon realized that renting good movies was a difficult task, so we gave up. In the summer of 2000 we started renting pure crap every Friday then writing short little paragraphs about said crappy movies. It was extremely contrived stuff that any teenager would write. We have a mascot by the name of Diamond Lou who was named after Lou Diamond Phillips. He's a Panda and has subsequently become the mascot of NinjaCulture.

The whole mission statement of CMF is to watch crappy movies so that other people won't have to. The secondary objective is to find and view a film called "Hard Ticket to Hawaii" which we saw a preview for. It's a movie about chicks with rocket launchers and the like. Brilliant!

Sadly, CMF today isn't what it used to be and with Nathan's new janitorial duties at the local 3M plant, he'll be missing alot of Fridays. But you never know how things'll turn out.

Cracker vs. Sam Raimi

This probably isn't new news but Cracker of Crackerjap looks astonishingly like Sam Raimi, director of Spider-man, the Evil Dead Trilogy and other things.



New Button

Since people have started linking us I've noticed that our buttons suck. So I tried to make a better one:

I don't know if I succeeded.

Last Names

Yes, Nathan and I do have the same last name. No, we're not related. It's like John Carmack and Adrian Carmack. Sure they both work/worked at id Software, but they aren't related at all.

I think that just about covers everything I wanted to cover. We'll now return you to your irregularly scheduled articles.

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