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This one goes out to Conrad

by Andrew - July 5, 2002

A lot of people (read: one, Conrad) have been telling me that there are too many words here on NinjaCulture. And for barely literate people like Conrad, the site has become (and always has been) unenjoyable. So Conrad suggested to me that I should voice over every article. I promptly said no to that since then I'd have to read this tripe. So the second option was to do an article that consisted soley of pictures (excluding this little write-up at the top for our literate friends) and have you just make up the story as you go along. Sounds good to me. And so without further aduex, here are some pictures.

Old lady thinks: SNACK TIME!

Yeah, that's right, I'm Bruce Campbell. BRUUUCCEEYYYY!!!

The Shredder!




Like my car? My penis is small.

Fly fatass fly!

Devil Kitty

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