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A reference for the rest of us!

by Nathan - August 27, 2002

Pay attention to the news lately and you will notice a disturbing trend; people are dying left and right. In fact, somebody probably died even while you were reading this. Scary, huh? Even scarier is the thought that you might even happen upon one of these corpses. I mean, if you think about it, the odds are pretty high.

Or perhaps you have (accidentally or not) inflicted somebody else with death, and now you have a corpse on your hands.

What would you do? Worry no more, friends. Your guide is here! Witness:

Unfortunately, the current global financial situation being what it is, I realize that not all of us can afford the exorbitant prices normally charged for such handy reference books. Thusly, as a Public Service I have decided to exerpt a portion of it and present it here, free of charge. Happy reading!

I hope you find that small exerpt as useful as I have. Just remember to stay calm, and you'll be fine!

-e-mail: monster-0@alucentral.ca
or :zombie_kickboxer@hotmail.com
(whichever makes you happy)

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