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by Nathan - April 21, 2002

I/O Stream Mania is sweeping the globe (especially Europe, according to the group's webpage), and there seems to be no end in sight. Their edgy lyrics and social commentary are combined with a hard-hitting beat, and the result is obviously a recipe for success. Just recently, NinjaCulture's Nathan had a chance to sit down with MC Jackswitch and SerialC00L, the boys from I/O Stream, and see what they had to say.

NinjaCulture: Please introduce yourselves.

MC Jackswitch: We are I/O Stream, famous gangsta rappas a.k.a. nerd-core hip hop.

SerialC00L: We provide the perfect blend of Programming and Gangsta rap for the general Programming/Hip Hopping public

NC: As 'gangsta rappas', one would expect your music to be very explicit. Is it?

MC: Our music is massively explicit, especially from a programmer’s point of view.

SC: The concepts and ideas that we express in our lyrics are incredibly controversial, because we go against all new programming protocols, writing code in a previously unheard of style, and using our status as supastar gangsta rappas to get the message to the people.

NC: Some of the programmers I've met are timid and easily frightenable people. Doesn't this style scare people like that away? How did you get so popular among that crowd?

SC: Our goal is to take some of these timid programmers, and scare the crap out of them.

MC: We mainly aim at non-programmers who aren’t as timid, and try to convert them to our fast-paced way of life, and choose DOS as the OS of choice.

SC: And make the timid ones crap themselves!

NC: So you intentionally frighten and offend, like Ronald McDonald?

MC: Yes, very much like that.

SC: Did you see his new TV ad? Wow!

NC: Yes, that was really something. So how was the group formed?

MC: One day we noticed a serious lack of gangsta rappers writing about computer programming. Naturally we tried to solve the problem.

SC: And BOOM! There we were, mixin’ it up and spreading the word, YO!

NC: Were you immediately popular? Or did it take time to build up?

SC: It took a while to record our first single, and in about an hour, we were already getting record contracts shoved in our face.

MC: After our fourth single was released, we were asked to play at the half-time show at the SuperBowl.

SC: Naturally, we turned it down. We're just too freaking cool for that crap!

NC: There's rumors of a music video in the works, but do you have any plans for a tour?

MC: A tour is being planned when and if we release our first CD.

SC: We're hoping to get into the Fargodome!

MC: We are currently trying to find enough security staff to accommodate for our psychotic groupies who follow us around everywhere.

SC: Not like we’d need them. Have you seen my biceps?

(editor's note: his biceps are truly amazing)

NC: Now, I know a lot of fans would be upset if I didn't ask this question: Who are the "TC Elite Team" that you refer to in your music?

MC: We can’t legally reveal that information due to a controversial restraining order.

NC: I see. Does this have anything to do with the group's rumored involvement with 'software piracy'?

SC: Ah… Na, it had more to do with the illicit material released on Ebay.

NC: I did some digging and found out that SerialC00L was connected to a series of assaults on a particular tree outside of the Garden Valley Collegiate library. Care to comment?

SC: WHY DOES EVERYONE KEEP BRINGING THIS UP?! I’ve done my time, I’ve learned what tree abuse can result in.

NC: I've had a question or two submitted via email from some readers, and I'll ask you those now. This one is by Stan, from Alberta. "You guys are total crap. I absolutely can't believe how horrible you are. All the stuff you rap about is obsolete. Why would you go through all the trouble to release an entire album?"

MC: WHAT? Why don’t you tell that (expletive deleted) to (explicit phrase deleted) himself!!

SC: Yo! And go (expletive deleted) your (expletive deleted) then eat it! JERK!

MC: We don’t have to take this (expletive deleted). THIS INTERVIEW IS (expletive deleted) OVER YO!!

SC: (expletive deleted) WORD!

That was obviously the end of the interview. Their refusal to answer certain questions obviously hints at a shady past, common for most rap stars, but one thing is certain; the world has not yet heard the last of I/O Stream.

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