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By Nathan - December 21, 2003

People seem to love Christmas Specials. Movies and TV specials alike have often been dedicated to the holiday season we find ourselves in right now. Unfortunately for those that would broadcast said movies, it is weird to the point of seeming unlawful for them to be shown at any other time than the month of December. So it is that this particular month is jam-packed with holiday specials, so much so that it is barely possible to breathe. I suppose.

Christmas is also the one time of year that my hardened, cold-as-the-grave heart can actually warm up just slightly because of said Christmas-related media. The following is a short rundown of those Christmas movies that just tug on my heart strings:

Home Alone (1990)

If you were in the age group that this movie was targeted at when it was released, odds are good that you have seen it multiple times. I know I certainly have.

If you forget the fact that it's one of the most gleefully anarchic family movies out there, and you forget the fact that the burglars would most likely have died several times over during their invasion of the house, and you also forget that that Culkin kid grew up too popular for his own good after the movie hit it big - you've still got one pretty entertaining bit of Holiday-themed entertainment. And actually, it doesn't hurt to keep the first two points in mind either.

First Seen: Shortly after it came out on video, so I would have been about nine-ish. And then a number of times afterward.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas (1966)

No, not that creepy version with Jim Carrey - though, as a side note, I'm thinking that the direction he got in regards to his character went like this: "Give. Kids. Nightmares."

I mean the animated one. This is one of those movies that's been called a classic so many times by so many different people, you will go to jail if you say otherwise. There is absolutely no argument to be made here - this animated Christmas gem is just great. There isn't a lot else to say.

First Seen: In its entirety? That I can clearly recall? Ooh, tough one - probably in High School, he admitted with slight embarassment.

Die Hard (1988)

Perhaps not the most orthodox selection on a list like this, but an excellent Holiday film nonetheless. It's inspiring, it's exciting, it has those little moments of class that just warm your heart. Plus it has Bruce Willis getting the utter crap kicked out of him, and explosions. Can't say that about many other Christmas movies.

First Seen: Again, I would have to admit that the first time I saw it in its entirety was only about two years ago. But it will stick with me for years, I can tell.


That's all. If you personally have not fully experienced any of these three movies, or The Nightmare Before Christmas, which gets honorable mention, do. I would hate for, uh, something bad to happen to you and yours because you didn't...

*that last bit was supposed to be read in such a way that it sounds like I'm threatening you.**

**I really wasn't, because I was kidding.***

***this footnote intentionally left blank


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